A Winter Look In Green Country


The Cottage Garden in January


The beds in winter can be a depressing sight. The color of khaki leaves and the basically colorless debris remaining are not among our favorites. There are a few brave souls that push on with green through the brutal cold such as, oxeye daisies and hollyhocks.



Oxeye Daisy in winter



Hollyhock in winter


But as an experienced gardener I know what lies beneath, especially, in my Cottage Garden which is made up mostly of perennial and biennial plants. In just a couple of months those brave little leaves will push up through compost and mulch.



The Cottage Garden in May


There is hope in a garden, there is faith to believe and there is optimism for the garden that will be. I’ll keep you posted on those beautiful leaves of the future. Let’s have another visit soon, my garden loving friend.

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